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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
Dear sharp,
Thank you for your kind words. You have been very encouraging to all of the path members here. God bless you. YOu have great credentials too. I am sure you will match this year.
Again, I am strongly advising you to send in your application on sept 1st, esp if you are applying to programs where many FMgs apply. I spoke to my friend who matched at BWH (harvard) Path this year and he told that when he applied on Sept 1st, only one letter had reached!
In my case, I was waiting for the observership letter until today. In fact I only sent transcripts and the other two letters today as I was stupid and waited for the third letter to send everything in one package. (See, I am not all that bright after all). So if ERAS goes really slow, all I will submitting on sept 1st are the photo, PS, CAF, scores. But I don't care. I just want to put in my application on day 1.
Hi mdphd,
thanks a lot for the great information. I will take you suggestion and send out my application on the first day. There is one technical question though: should I still assign my unscanned letter to the programs? If so, would the programs consider my application incomplete since they can not see that letter at that time? Or should I wait for it to come in and assign it later on?
Hi, sharp: i think you should assign the letter to programs that you will apply to. The programs will download it whenever it becomes available. Good luck.
I agree with mdplus.
Mdphd and mdplus, Thank you so much, I will do that then.
I think if you will be able to apply by the end of September you should be fine. The only reason why it's important to apply early it's because they might give out all they interview spots. But they won't send out invitation anyway before mid October, so don't worry too much. If you have a good application they will send out an inv. Always remember that no matter how good your credentials are you will have to perform well during the interview. Now all that could have been done to boost your CV has been done and it's time to focus on interview skills. Nobody wants to work with someone that is socially unpleasant, no matter how smart that person is.

Good luck to all!
just pull up this wonderful thread!
Pull it up !
Any more AP/CP candidates want to contribute to this post?
I want to know whether ERAS send MSPE out when we apply or later in Nov? because I may get it late.

someone told me that they will hold it until Nov. 1, anyone can tell?
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