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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
verypositive, I have heard the same thing,too. I think The MSPE will be released after Nov 1st, so you can still go ahead to send out your application without it. If you are an IMG, MSPE wouldn't be an important factor when the programs review your application.
count me in, old IMG, MD path from home country

Step 1 89 ( 2nd atempt)
step2 92 (1st attempt)
CS Passed 1st attempt
Step3 84 1st attempt

1 year US pathology experience, 3 US pathologists (University professor) LoRs

Visa EAD

Planning to apply to 40 Pathology programs
If applying for any program in CA you need PTAL also know as california letter , if the same is not approved but is in process you need to send any communication with them as "Status" of PTAL as 4th LOR.

I am planning to apply in 50+ programs in pathology.
Hi ecfmg...How can i do the PTAL?
this thread not active like last year Lcase initated. any patho applicants around?

does anyone have the list for graduation cut off?
what does it mean when there is list
"Physician Only" , can we still apply as FMG?
I think you can!

Are you guys ready with application? Everything in post office ready to go?

Still few days to go....

My PS had taken the best of me.....

I'm am IMG graduated in 2002. Recently came to US by visa. USMLE step 1 and 2 both 90 and cs passed. 4 years of clinical experience and 2 years of research experience in my home country but nothing in US.some publications and some congress participating with poster presentations.
I'm going to participate in some observership courses. have some LOR from pathology professors of my country.
Do I have any chance for pathology residency in the next match?
yes, you do, big chance
Thank you dear verypositive for your supporting!!!!!!!!!!
I feel more confident now!!!!!
Thank you...............
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