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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
Hi I am also applying for pathology this year.
My credentials are 91/99/cs passed(first attempt)
3 month of observership in pathology.
3 US LORs from pathologists
visa green card
no publications.
graduated in 2007.
taking step3 in sep.
I heard publications and research experience are very important for getting into pathology residency.
Since I don't have both of them I am worried where I stand?
they are important yeah,but according to NRMP stats most of thos who matched in path have no or only 1 research exp / publications.
another weird aspect of path that out of 208 people who did not match 109 had only one rank on their list i.e 1 interview only !!!
there is also a significant number of posistions that are filled via prematch and I would safely say that about 1/3 of positions available for path last year were filled by IMGs

anyway my creds are
99/99/99 , CS 2nd attempt Sad
1st year path resident in my home country
1 month USCE in path in a University program
3 Lors from my home country by American Trained pathologosists, 1 from USA but wont be available before mid Sep - Requested late-
2 publications
4 research projects

GL for everybody Smile
Thank you for the mesSAGE.
Good luck to all those who are applying for then exam.
My LORs are not yet updated.
Should I wait till all of them get updated and then apply for the programs or just apply for then programs now itself?
It is great to see new people joining us. Amfas and Cloud, you both are very strong candidates. Cloud, how many LOR have you already had in the post-office of ERAS. If it is 2 or more, I would suggest you go ahead to send in your application in early September. I think the program will get your updated information later when the new letters arrive.
For most of our AP/CP applicants here, are you all going to click the "submit" button tomorrow?
I am trying.... I am very nervous about submitting my application. I keep reading my PS and my jobs descriptions and so on.....

I know I will feel horrible for few hours after I submit!!!

My documents are all in post office, LORs, MSPE, pic and transcript.

How many programs have you guys selected? I have selected 33. It's going to cost me around 400$.

I'll be in the air tomorrow my Brother-in-law will do it for me, lol Smile
I thought I was ready, but only found out that not ready at all, I have to get the letters again for waive my right, this way, I won't be able to apply until early Oct. since the letters not send out yet. and one more to wait.

Cloud you get very good chance. you have no problem get in pathology.

Amfas, 3 99s, who can hold not taking you? very strong candicate!

Hello Can any kind soul send me the IMG friendly list for Pathology programs. As I dont have visa, I need H1-sponsoring programs.
Email to prince_342003
Thanks a ton
I'm still finding little mistakes and typos in my application! My all day is going to be reading this thing over and over again!

I can't wait to be done.

I don't know any IMG friendly program. I'm applying to university prog only.....there is a fair number that accept H1b, especially if you already have one.
Thanks for the input algernon,
I have failed in steps. That is a big negative for me. I have a PhD and multiple publications.
Any other kind soul willing to send me the path list or the list they are applying..
Email Id: Prince_342003
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