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applying for Pathology - Please gather here - peace4all
CME means continued medical education. Some programs may require some CME records to make sure you have enough clinical contact if you are several years away from med school. Some website, such as Medscape, can provide CME online and give you some points.
The CME point is just the quantified accumulation of your CME record.

mdplus, you are awsome in your publication record. You should definitely try the academic programs, which like this type of candidates.

Zado, as for graduate shcool pathology program, I think GRE is a must. The volunteer work will be helpful, but I would say that the experience of observership or externership with pathologists will be much more important.
Count me in, an old IMG.
I am not sure whether I am going to apply this year or next, it all depends on my green card.

step1 88, step2 91.

Have experience in pathology before, did surgical pathology and more than 100 autopsies.

Like MDPHD, I have both too. First author papers in Nature, Cancer Cell, Cell Metabolism and other small journals and I also want to do both research and pathology.
welcome on board, durham. You are superb! You can find a very good program with your creds. Have you received your ECFMG certification yet?

I am also applying this year for pathology. My cred are 99/99/pass/99 2003 grad, need H1 if green card appl doesn't go through in time. I've been in US since 2005 doing research. I have a dozen papers. I'm applying to univ programs only.

Great to see durham and algernon, both of you are super-candidates, keep everyone informed about your progress!
Hey Algernon,

Can u email me first.aid09...i need ur help !


mdplus: not yet, I have not started yet.

Best wishes to you Sharp.
awesome! Algernon! you will get what you want!
I hope Wink.
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