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********* PSYchiaTRY Thread---2010 Match ******** - nono
lets see
got rejection from st caritas ma bostonSad
psychiatry rejection from St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Boston, MA

step 1 205/84 (2nd attempt), CS pass, CK pending
2 courses failed in basic sciences
day begins with the rejection from st. elizabeth.....GL guys
Thank you for your interest in our program. Your application has been received
and reviewed. Unfortunately your application does not meet with one or more of
our selection criteria and we are unable, at this time, to offer you an
As you can imagine, last year we received over 750 applications. We expect to
top that number this year for only four resident positions. This means that
many qualified applicants are not selected and may not get an invatation for
an interview. We will inform you if anything changes regarding your status.

Zamir Nestelbaum, MD
Program Director
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
Boston, MA 02135
got same rejection from Caritas St Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston Program, too.
hey guys my frnd got a iv from univ of kansas wichita n she scheduled it on 24 september......
her credentials are 96/98/cs all first attemp but an old graduate and also a citizen. It was her back up as anesthesiology is her main aim.
Thats the same reason i didnt apply at witchita
Some1 told me they need GC
I saved 25$ Wink
please can anybody tell me the score cut off and other requirement to apply in st elizabeth

for psy.
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