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********* PSYchiaTRY Thread---2010 Match ******** - nono
same for me from st elizabeth boston program.....what are their requirements...just curious to know...

Thank you for your interest in our program. Your application has been received
and reviewed. Unfortunately your application does not meet with one or more of
our selection criteria and we are unable, at this time, to offer you an
As you can imagine, last year we received over 750 applications. We expect to
top that number this year for only four resident positions. This means that
many qualified applicants are not selected and may not get an invatation for
an interview. We will inform you if anything changes regarding your status.

Zamir Nestelbaum, MD
Program Director
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
Boston, MA 02135
Last yr all positions at St Elizabeth/Caritas Boston went in prematch. The hospital was kinda old... and lots of IMGs though, so thats nice.
rejection from st elizabeth...

I/V from university of arizona ....tuscon...anyone else got it?
need your valuable advice friends. I am ecfmg certified and has completed residency in home country.Prblm is only 2 of my LOR will be ready by 17-18 sep.Should i apply or wait till late sep. when 3rd one gets loaded?? pls advice..
i guess you shud apply with the complete LORS...just my opinion.
Mousmle.....congrats for ur iv...please let us know ur credentials and when did u applied to caritas and tucson...thanks
here is the email i had got from caritas elizabeth when i had emailed them for their criteria:

Thank you for inquiring about our Psychiatry Residency Training Program. We do accept IMG's and we routinely sponsor H-1 and J-1 visas. We require USMLE scores 80 and above (preferably passed on 1st attempt). We accept applications through ERAS. The common requirements are:

Common application form


Dean' letter

3 Letters of Recommendation (preferably from US experience)

Personal Statement

USMLE transcript


Med School graduation within the last 10 years

We require strong written and verbal English skills. Psychiatry relies on it's physicians ability to communicate effectively. We suggest that foreign medical graduates have some experience working in the United States either as an observer or in some other capacity.

Caritas St. Elizabeth's Medical Center is an affiliate of Tufts University.

can anyone who got rej from caritas applied after 4 th sept...cause i had applied on 4 and my application was downloaded by program on 8 sept .....i havent heard from them just curious to know if anybody who got rej. applied after 4th sept.
yes, rejected applied on 9.8
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