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How to estimate step 3 score?? - youngdb
Hi, there!

I got overall 55% correct with both Kaplan and UW step 3 Qbank at the 1st time, how to estimate the real step 3 test. Can I pass it with a good CCS practice? Please share your experience, thanks a lot!!
did u take UW simul test? on that test I did 46% and that seems passing score- i assume u need also at least some average on CCS-the real exam questions seemed shorter than UW q to I would guess 55% would pass IF u can supplement with a solid CCS part. do u need just to pass or more...still if u have more time keep studying....
indeed nothing actually predicts other than your step 1 and step 2 scores and esp score on step 2. my guess is: like in suicidal risk being highest in pervious attempt + patient, i would guess best predictors would be how soon you took step 2 and whats your step 2 score...
best luck..
what about NBME? What score of NMBE is safe to pass?
Thanks for your answer. I will take the test in one month. My step 2 CK score is 215/88. Is that ok? What should i focus now?
88 is a solid score! congrats! again depends on what u need? pass score or top range long and what did u study so far for step 3?
Note: my comments are just my personal opinions, I took the exam last week...
Does anyone have correct correalation of step3 with
UW self assessment---
I studied with USMLE World and Crush Step 3 only...mainly USMLE World. I had 12 days to study. I come from a US medical school/residency program. I had a lot of trouble finding ways to estimate my score prior to taking the test so wanted to post this.

I took the self assessment test on USMLE World in the beginning and got a 220 on that. On the USMLE World questions, I scored around 63% correct. I reviewed every CS case on USMLE World. I ended up getting a 209/87 on the real test and from what I can tell, I scored well on the written part of the exam but average/below average on the case simulations. Hope that helps shed some light for people's preparation.
Many test preparation companies offer practice exams designed to mimic the actual Step 3 exam. Taking these practice exams under timed conditions and reviewing your performance can give you a rough idea of where you stand and what you might score on the real exam. infinite craft
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