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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
Hello friends and colleagues!

I realize that this season's match has not ended yet, and it's still early, but I wanted to start a thread for the applicants of 2011 match in Neurology. For now, people who have been accepted with pre-match can give us advice and those who match or anyone with words of wisdom or any advice can post in this thread. Afterwords, we can continue this thread to ask application questions, discuss about interviews etc. I hope you all will participate and we will all help each other here!

Hi neuroguru,
Welcome to the forum..there already exists a Neurology thread on the forum..
here's the link..
why not this thread be continued for those who accepted prematch / or those offered prematch. so that they can share about their interview experience about that program. hope it will be useful for all us.

If anyone interested, can also share their interview experience about a particular program.

Hi chintz85,

I realized about the Neurology thread, whose link you posted. However, that thread is particularly dealing with this match cycle. I wanted to start this new thread for the next match cycle. It can be particularly helpful to hear from all those who applied this year and get their advices.
Time to bump this thread. I hope everyone who has been through this process this year can contribute and we all can help each other.
Bumpity bump Smile It's almost time for us to apply. Who else here is also applying for Neurology?
count me in ....Smile lets get started...
ya i m also in...i m also applying
Yeah I am also in.....I have one qs guys...
My credentials are 99-239/99-242 and CS will take on 10th my result will be out on 13th october.
USCE- 1 month clerkship at MGH (neuro) and 10 weeks in IM at CWRU and some private clinic...
4 us lors..
and few poster and oral presentations in home country....
While searching for program criteria...many IMG friendly neurology programs require ECFMG certification at the time of shd I apply to those programs on sep 1 and update them after certification or shd I wait for ecfmg certification and then apply..

what do u suggest guys...

thanks in advance...
Hi nitingoyal,I m exactly in the same boat..My Step 1 score is also 239/99 and I cleared my CS..Going to give CK on Sep 30th.Don t know wht to do?We will keep updating...I'm also applying only for Neuro..All the best..Any idea abt applying for Preliminary in Neurology?
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