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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
at AGH
Univ of Toledo
Hey friends, sorry haven't been online since the last time! I ended up matching at a TX program (for anonymity, I won't name the program)! It's been wonderful knowing everyone here and to those friends who didn't match, please don't get disheartened. Where have been the rest of the friends here...smartneuro, nitinsplash, 4weeksexam etc? Well, I will be coming back a few times to check this forum before I depart. Thank you everyone for helping each other out whenever possible!

matched in Neurology at UMC, jackson
Hey friends, I got email from PD and PC but hvnt got any documents....any of u got documents?? wanna go to india b4 I start my residency .so shud I just email them to ask when I ll be geeting my documents...?? so I can book my ticket accordingly...
Hey snowhite, where did you match? I did get my documents, but I think it might be residency dependent. Definitely get in touch with them if you will not be in country, so that way you can get the things that they need from you on time.
I'm not sure if any friends visit here anymore, but if anyone visits here still, feel free to say hello Smile It's only a few months left before it all begins...
Hi fellows, congratulations for all!!... nicely done.

I im applying for neuro for 2012 and need some advice.

I need a Neurology LOR but i have the chance to do an observership at IM OR do a research in psychiatry at a university hospital with an important researcher for 1 year about methadone adiction.

If non of them are good choices? please, i need some advice from more experienced people like you!!
Can't believe it's been a year already...good luck to everyone in the coming match! Anyone lurking here from last year Neuro? Would love to catch up and stay in touch...
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