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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
any one ???

Please reply guys..
Hi,as I said m going to apply on sep 1st..why to regret later on for aplying late?
there's no regret we can apply up to december or even january
it's like this, the programs start downloading applications on september 1st, hence by october or november they have gotten what they want and no longer need to download any more application. so everyone is in for 1st of september. this may be the case but an a highly qualified applicant can get matched even if he or she applies in december hahaa
yeas we can apply but do the programs continue downloading till then?
yes and no (programs)
ooking at previous yrs rejection thread: I found neuro prog send rejecton early.
While they ask for IV if u think u r nt still eligible for particular prog...wait n den apply.. .
Good luck friends! When is everyone planning on submitting the application, and how far along are you guys on your letters, personal statement. Also, how many Neurology programs and prelim programs are you all applying for?
I heard that neuro program send rejection early if incomplete application , but they review and send for application a bit later (not sure) , i am in same boat , no CK yet, but i will wait before applying to neuro.
@ nitingoyal.. the prelim. is when u choose advanced neuro programs to apply to. it is much easier to apply to prelim in same place if they offer help in getting a position , but if they don't, it is risky situation and i would prefer the categorical (which will be more competitive of course!)
@ smartneuro, so when are you planning to have your apps in buddy? My CK is not until Oct, and I don't think I will wait THAT long to submit my app...
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