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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
Neuroguru-we hope to get your blessings throughout this application process. Good luck to everyone.
hi neuroguru,

I did my CK , was waiting for results , i might apply few days later when get ECFMG status.
theoretically u can't delay ur CK more than Nov. max. but u have to apply meanwhile. u can't wait till oct -nov to apply. but i heard for neuro they can still review application on OCT (of course i am talking the natural pathway , without connection!) GL to all of us and let's keep each other moving thru out this hard stressful time.
@ botoxbeauty, we are all in this process together, and I wish every one of you all the very best in this cycle Smile

@smartneuro, I agree with your opinion that it's not worth it to apply late in oct-nov.

Friends, any news about interviews and/or rejections?
I'll be submitting next week Smile All the best, friends!
Good Luck!
Thank you, my friend. Good luck to you as well!
How long does USMLE transcript take for them to upload?
usually around 24-48hrs i think...
Is that business days though? Like does Monday (labor day) or weekends count?
oh yeah...dint think abt it..guess its business days only...not sure dude..sorry..anyway dont worry 1 day wont make a difference.. Smile
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