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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
Thanks buddy!
ur welcome! these are stressful times...guess we all need reassurance n support Smile
hi guys, count me in please. my credentials are not that good as yours, but i still wanna try.

83/89/pass/81. US citizen. graduated in 2002. ongoing observership in neurology.

anything at all......i never knew i cld feel bored n freaked at the same time!! Sad
my creds 99/99/pass all 1st att, 14 months hands-on USCE (4 months Neuro), 4 posters (2 neuro), 3 1st author papers (1 neuro), somee co-author, 7 US - Lor'S (4 neuro); Graduating this october.
applied to 32 programs on the east coast mainly.... don't have any answers yet - is that a good sign or a bad sign?
its a good is...lets all try to relax...
have u guys applied to transitional yr as well?i have heard that some neuro programs have connection with transitional yr but it costs 75$ straight away so it then makes sense to apply to 10.
n also do all the transitional programs have the required period of medicine training for neuro which I think is 8 months?
don't worry friends, it's too early for anything yet.
Indiana rejection

99/99/gc/cs pass/ masters in path from usa/ 3 m usce. PhD path going on! grad 2006
piroxicam, I'm very sorry to hear that. You have very good stats it seems, so be optimistic, friend! When was your application in for ERAS and did you have all your LOR's in?
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