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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
Hi friends,u all seem to have great credentials..I've 239(99),CS pass-no attempts..Giving CK on sep 30th.Graduation year 2008-Dec.1 month usce in neuro(Observership).
I am applying only for Neuro..So far one rejection from Univ of Colorado-due to lack of clinical experience,observership is not counted as first hand clinical experience it seems..
Do u guys think I should hav waited till next year?Any chances of getting into neuro this year?
What kind of suits and dress style are you all planning for during interviews? I'm talking about guys here...
if you already know that they want to see your certificate at the time of application, then probably you should NOT apply to them until you get it? Just my opinion
@ cooldoc84 . even i have the same query..please can anyone tell us whether its advisable to apply to transitional year programs?
Any new news friends?
nope its complete silence from my side Sad anybody else...
Silence for me too as far as Neurology programs are concerned...
Although, it is still VERY early in the process...
hopefully something will happen next week,, lets see
rejection Indiana and MSU , and somewhere in CT!! i stopped even reading the whole email. just look at words such as : unfortunately , we will not ,u are not , we can not!!!! any NOT. my mood is down Sad
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