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Neurology 2010-2011 - neuroguru
Anyone get interview from Baylor here? It seems on another website that some AMG's got interview from Baylor...
Any news friends?
Hi,did any one get a msg from Case western,Oh like this?
'Thank you for applying to our neurology residency program. Your application and supporting documents have gone through the initial review process. They are now being submitted for a second review by our review committee. We shall be in touch with you should we wish to offer you an interview. We wish you good luck during this interview season.'
Is this a rejection?Thanks in advance
how should a "thank you" email look like after an invitation?

do you think baylor is a good neuro program?
@jvs84, I don't know how their process works, but it doesn't seem like a rejection. Maybe others can chime in.

@4weeksexam, sorry for a late reply, I haven't been here online since I last posted, so didn't get a chance to answer you. I'm not sure if you need to necessarily send a "thank you" email after an invitation. At least, I'm not sending any yet, but maybe others can give us their take on it and maybe then I'll change that too.

Baylor seems like an excellent neuro program, although how IMG friendly it is, I'm not sure. I think they attract the most highly qualified residency applicants even from AMG's too...
thank you!
actually, i got an iv there!!
@4weeksexam, congrats, you must be an amazing applicant!! Do you mind sharing your stats and when you applied? Thanks.
Rejection from Univ of Chicago...
So far it's pretty scary, 2 rejections already and no Neurology interviews yet. Although, to be honest, I feel optimistic and I know it will hopefully work out in the end Smile
phd student, 99/99/pass, 14 months hands-on USCE, 7 US LORs (4 of which I think must be "exceptional" letters), some publications (two 1st author), several posters, some talks, some large neuro studies going on
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