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OLD GRADS-MULT Fails:PGMS w/NO Grad dte/USMLE REQs - smita_patle

Site: Rated USMLE Tutors/Easiest Res Pgms to Get into/Externships

NEW LINK-Best USMLE Courses/App Upgrades/Extern

www. Imgusmleandresidency. blogspot. com (without spaces)

See this website for : the ˜real story™ behind IMGs' unique difficulties: a. Best USMLE preparation courses in terms of value and guaranteed outcomes b. Best type of non-commercial (FREE) university-based externships, their availabilities and locations c. Special discussions for "old grad-" IMGs, and those with multiple failures (i.e., LISTINGS OF THOSE FM, PSYCH, PRELIM SURG PROGRAMS that have NO GRAD DATE or USMLE Score /Attempts REQUIREMENTS) , and those that have taken more than 7 years in their steps d. How the latter may upgrade their applications through externships, good USMLE scores, etc e. The real meaning in (terms of residency application strength) of a USMLE applicant who scores 99 vs an 85 vs a 78; how many interviews does each of these categories truly receive? f. Which is the best back-up degree for someone who may not get a residency in the US (i.e., NOT MPH or nursing! instead- MBA or JD if good English skills).

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