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everyone expecting results ths 21st!!! - riya14
did not finish 3 cases, forget ask travel history in pt with cough, blood in urine with positive CVA, in one pt social history(alcohol,smoke), and so on
Oh no don't think like that .... People have mistakes. Of course I am in the same boat but think positive...Smile it's power
Thank you drstethoscope, think posiive and you will get positive results. Miracle hapens , I wih you the best
I wish everyone the best and big PASSS
i hope and pary we all pass!!!God bless us all!!!
mine was in philli and i m having FLASHBACKS
Lol I love the term Flashbacks
My worst memory is not telling two ER patients they need admission or at least mention they would may b need it, they have given me PTestSD lol
lolz..... yeah i remember in one case i was lagging behind in time and i was telling him i would like to untie the gown and is that ok and before i had finished the sentence i opened the gown n she was 18 yrs old. :S
I know I remember talking BS in response to patients questions in some cases, it was hilarious after the fact but I am sure they knew I was BSing galore
in another scenario on one of the deemingly difficult case , in which Sp was not letting me complete the case by asking again n again what did u just said i remember giving him the worst glare of my life. i hope with fingers crossed that he didnt mind that
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