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everyone expecting results ths 21st!!! - riya14
Hi Mong,

All the very best wid ur exams.
Be cool,dont be nervous.....n dont ever change ur strategies/plan the last moment...bcoz it will cost....
Guys only 10 days left
Nightmares are increasing
Hello 1980 I have my cs in few days in chicago...when did u take ur exam? Could u plssss tel me the chicago cases...plssss
yaaa,nightmares...unrest...anxiety..God i want to get it over with!!!!!
I know
sometimes it feels like everything will be okay and sometimes, it feels like OH NO and that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. On a positive note today we can say it will be next week instead of still 3 weeks to go
ya,i hope so..since mine was in the later part of the month of march..i hope i dont have to wait another week!!!!that would be gruesome!!
OOOh that would be gruesome but then I say if I pass i dont care if I have to wait a week but hopefully next Wednesday by this time we will all be posting good news
I will be taking my CS in a week. And this is my third time taking CS. I really appreciate , if you could tell me the list of cases . I have no more money left to take CS again. Please help me buddy. I will pray to god for good result for you.
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