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everyone expecting results ths 21st!!! - riya14
7-9 weeks
Schedule is on usmle website
hey buddies how u doing, any new symptoms experienced.
Thank u Riya
I did tons of mistakes
had 99 in both steps but this one scaring me
lets all pray
God bless all of us
As of today extreme annoyance with everything what about you?
blurring of vision rushing in the ears and butterflies in my stomach
Today I felt like I woke up on the floor instead of the wrong side of the bed....I had the worst mood at work thankfully 3/4 of my work people were on leave or in field and than I had to take 10 min walk in my corridors to calm myself b/c i realized i was so stressed that I was being annoyed at everything...thankfully my daughters soccer training gave me a reason to get out of work at 3:30 and clear my mind and distract my stressed brain
Can you imagine next week by this time we would know.....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
yeah i m waiting for next wed impatiently, so bribing God to give a spiritual boost to my EFFORTS and to teel the world that miracles still happen.
Lol how do you bribe???
Okay why did you ask me about shahnawaz?
wow!!!we all seem to be going crazy day by day!!!Smile i felt so irritated whole day!cant concentrate on anyhthing!!! i hope God takes pity on all of us and showers us with good luck!!!
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