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everyone expecting results ths 21st!!! - riya14
hi all!!!i passed!!!i am sooooooooooo haaaaaappppppppppyyyyy!!!where r my dear friends????drsteth??drtaurus???did u get ur resuts????
CONGRATULATIONS everyone who passed!!!!Smile)))
congratulations riya , nuri, got2bgood, bilal

i m awaiting for my result too
congratulations riya .. i am waiting for my result too .. when did u give ur exam???
how was your exam ?? i m very scared bro !!
did u make any mistakes ?? how was ur exam ?? i m scared to death right now ??
please reply !
hey stepspeare...
thank u and i've taken my exam in philly , Mar 25th...
DID I MAKE ANY MISTAKES!!!!...r u kidding me, sure bro , i've done alot alot of mistakes....
if u don't believe in miracles, it's time to change ur mind and start believing in them....
night of my exam , i was sitting in front of my laptop trying to make last minute decision about pstponding my exam, i was scared , then i take the exam and after the exam i was 100% sure , i'm n't going to pass.....first case i ran out of time for the others , i was n't happy even with a single case, did n't reach diagnosis in most of cases and did n't ask alot of questions i suppose to ask....
after all of this , i passed, so plz those who r still waiting , be positive and never loss a hope
i'm a live example of a guy who never thought he is going to pass and start to act in plan b
best wishes for all of u guys. my deep deep prayers to all of u
Congrats dr riya,drstethoscope and 1980...sorry I dont know others name....Congrats to all...Now its the time to pray for us...Pls wish us luck and pray for our success
Hi, everyone. I saw my result yesterday and i didn't pass. Never failed an exam in my life let alone a medical exam. Only passed ICE with issues in SEP and CIS. Don't knwo what went wrong o. I know i made soem mistakes on the exam day but that is expected from anyone. The mistakes i made where related to the ICE and not SEP or CIS and the result was now an irony. Really don't know what to do next. I'm annoyed with USMLE cso what they are telling me is that i cannot speak good English.
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