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kababayan ka ba na magpapa-match? - jocapmd
Sana nga, kakalungkot.... kasi naglabas ng ng IV yun iba but ubtil now wala parin...
jocap md i am here in Norwalk CA...add me click_happy2002...lets talk. Anybody here in LA county California?
kumusta? i'm back from a long hiatus! try for matching again. i applied last year pero di napalad kasi nag-aaply lang ako sa isang area. now apply ulit pero this time all over the US na. i just got my first IV from NY, FP program. i'm an old grad na but working as RN dito sa LOs Angeles, CA. good luck to all!
kamusta mga kababayan:
sorry for the late help. pinay2000 hi and goodluck like i said never give up. i'm an old grad 2000 finished all the usmle and all my grade are in the 70's......yes believe it and got a prematced offer psychiatry new york area. goodluck sa lahat never give up and email me i can be of any help.....kungdoktor
kung doctor help mo naman ako sa psyche here is my cred 95/99 no CS yet im going to take this monday....
pinay200...saan ka nagkaron ng IV? Is it oka to ask? Wag ka magalala...kung di ko inaaplyan ang hospital mo, di ako magaaply kasi naubos na pera ko sa ERAS. haha.
[email protected] -
with CS i used usmle world remember always inform the patient what you will do to them and ask if it is ok and always to wash ur hands before touching the patient.

psychiatry - most programs they want us clinical experience exposure sa pschiatry. i did mine sa jamaica hospital medical center which really help me a lot. if ur a newly grad makakatulong din
kungdoctor, I am working as a nephrology nurse specialist dito sa US for a year now... please help me if you can....grad 2000
@joymd: 3 rej no iv .Ikaw?
@pinay2000: Congrats
@kungdoctor: Kamusta na ?
kungdoktor: salamat. last year dito ka din! how's residency? i just applied 2 days ago and now got my first IV invite. sana tuloy-tuloy na! hehehe!

joysmd: ok lang. sa SOuth Nassau FP.

dami pala 2000 grad dito! last year 1 got 3 IVs pero i only ranked one kasi i was so hesitant to leave my family behind dito sa sunny CA but now i have a new game plan kaya sana maging successful.

[email protected]: based on my limited experience eh plus sign ang pagiging RN natin but of course there are a lot of other factors involved. when i interviewed last year, they all pointed it out to me kaya it really all depends sa overall packaging mo as an applicant. for CS, practice talking to patients. para din ganoon sila sa hospital. one funny experience of mine, i took care of a patient who came in with Chest pain dito sa work ko ngayon, turns out his real job is a CS mock patient in the EL segundo location!
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