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Family Medicine 2011 - nono
@ doc19..can u plz tell us ur credentials or reason for rejection from Louisiana state uni- shreveport thanks,,
No reason mentioned
my credentials Step 1 (89)2nd attempt, Step 2(92), CS passed, 2007 grad
Here is my list:
flower hospital in OH
Saint joseph regional medical center in IL reason graduation year.
South Nassau communities hospital
Cabarrus family medicine in NC(they are not IMG friendly,i applied because of proximity)
mid hudson in NY
dixon rural training.
what is stamford family med looking for?!?
2nd rejection from Illinois; dixon rural FM
Lutheran General Hospital Residency Applicant Criteria-Family Medicine 2010/2011
Thank you for your interest in the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Training Program. Unfortunately after careful review of your application, it has been determined that you do not meet one or more of our qualifying criteria:
Must pass the USMLE Parts I and II with an average of 80 or above on 1st attempt

Must also pass the CSA Exam in 2 attempts or less
Must be a permanent resident/green card *We do not accept HI or JI Visa’s or Visa’s of any kind

Must pass the English exam

Must have ECFMG certification
Graduated from medical school within five years or be recently clinically active in the practice of medicine.
Thank you for your application. We have reviewed it and will be unable to offer you an invitation to interview. Best wishes in your educational endeavors.
Mark Josefski, MD
Program Director
Mid-Hudson FP Residency Program
It really sucks when we start the game with rejections Sad
My first rejection from Dixon, Rural track. Do not know the reason. Any body got the same. Btw, how many programs have u guys applied in total.
************ updates: 09/07/2010*****************

Flower Hospital
Family medicne Idaho programs
Central maine Family medicine...need US experience.
St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, Ohio ...Grad yr after 2007
Rejection from SiouxlLand Program, IA
Hindsdale Adventist Family Medicine, IL
toledo program
rej univ of colorado fm
Rej from U of Nebraska FM
South Nassau Community NY
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School/Capital Health System-Fuld Campus Program
SIU Decatur Family Medicine Residency Program Decatur, IL
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport
Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Practice
Scottdale healthcare family residency program, AZ….visa required.
University of utah
Cabarrus FM NC
Stamford Hospital Family Medicine
Mid-Hudson FP Residency Program
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport
Dixon Rural Track Rejection
Univ. of Illinois Dixon rural track prog, FM.
Siouxland Pg IA
Lutheran General Hospital Residency



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