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Family Medicine 2011 - nono
Toledo medical center, OH...

"This decision MAY
be based on the following:

1) Date of graduation exceeds the cut-off date of 7/1/2009.
2) Visa Status.
3) The number of attempts on the USMLE or COMLEX examination(s) exceeds the
program's requirements.
4) A formal US educational experience (i.e. formal externship) is not evident."

..........well for my case .....i think year of graduation and formal externship in the USA, although I have USCE .
I do not need the visa and no attempts.
@apple, why risk? The software automatically filters you out if you do not meet criteria. No human even ever sees your app!

If you see that you do not meet criteria, save your money for some other one where you meet the criteria!!
We have received & reviewed your application, however, I regret to inform you
that you have not been chosen for an interview.
Thank you for your interest in our program and good luck in the match.

Tina Hartwig
Medical Education Program Coordinator
SIU Decatur Family Medicine Residency Program
Decatur, IL
rejection from siu, decatur
rejection: Siouxland family medicine center, IA
ohhhhhhhh Sad
@ jayshah n endodep.. whats the reason for rejection in SIU decatur?
the whole msg i post here...i dont know y...
rej st elizabeth youngstown ohio

m25 i donno the cause for so early rejection........may be graduation year
guys my graduation is in 2008.. but still rejected....whats yr graduation.. endo...
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