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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
Congrats....I think Henry Ford prefers fresh graduate with High score....Got this idea from last yr forum!
Wyne State University, does it have any PGY I , IMG's last year, they have kept this information hidden.
Anybody from last year, this year, valid answer would be greatly appreciated.
Another of my friend who is a 9999er got IV from henry ford. No s3. No USCE. Fresh Grad from India.
rejn univ colorado.......i knw i was moronic of me to apply...
dream4land- hey...I am us citizen/Car. student that will finish in January of i guess you can say they are looking for fresh grads but not really sure...this places sounds tough to get into....not sure how to prepare for this.......anyone have any suggestions??? they are only 6 spots they are offering...I notice half of them are given to DOs so left with 3 and then out of the three only one is IMG and the other 2 are AMG...the anxiety never ends! Should I take the earliest interview day that suggested????
You should start studying some Psychiatry,I have tried to go though the basics of psych jumping from topic to topic from Kaplan and Sadock's Psyh book(smaller version).So you may try that, besides working on your general IV questions.
You have great credentials, do not worry.I think Carribien Grads and DO's are definitely top priority over and above other IMG's.
You did not say about the Whether Wyne State University has IMG's, otherwise my 25 dollars are down the drain.
OK folks...It seems like first week is coming to an end

I guess there was only 1 iv (I am still waiting to here from them), and a few rejections....people if you get an interview and don't feel comfortable sharing the name of program, just mention that u got an interview in what state...It will give others an idea.....It seems like there is more action going on in IM and FM....

enjoy your weekend and lets hope next week we hear some GOOD news, NO rejections Smile
i hope stars come back ):
Any body who applied to st elizabeth boston please reply, did they download the application,as i applied on 1st and they have not downloaded the application yet.
Caritas PC seems to be on a holiday for the week
Monday should be the day
IV by september end
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