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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
Interesting Psychiatry case (to test your skills)

Dr. T (a pseudonym), a middle-aged male surgeon, arrives in the emergency department (ED) by ambulance after vomiting and losing consciousness at his office. Paramedics place him on an involuntary psychiatric hold, which is permitted in California, after learning that he had been performing surgery on himself.

Dr. T has developed medical complications after attempting to repair his own umbilical hernia. He states that the hernia resulted from weakened periumbilical abdominal muscles after multiple abdominal liposuctions, during which he inserted a cannula through the umbilicus. Dr. T initially repaired the hernia 4 months ago, but the wound margins had dehisced. He had performed the procedure at his ambulatory care surgical suite with help from his surgical assistant. Dr. T says he has performed many procedures on himself, including abdominal and chest liposuction, dermal filler injections, and skin laser resurfacing to improve perceived blemishes and remove hair. These procedures often resulted in poor cosmetic outcomes.

Which disorder best accounts for Dr. T’s presentation?
(a) delusional disorder, somatic type
(b) Munchausen syndrome
© body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
(d) factitious disorder

Follow this link to answer the subsequent questions related to same patient (Dr. T)

Enjoy !!

BDD, needs more h/o - medical and past.
just wanted to keep the thread alive!!!!!! GL all
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me too ):
am tooSad
Me toooo scared.
Feels like world will end on 14th
I second that target99.
very low RR
Dilated pupils
Social isolation

and partial loss of insight.
That;s me at present.

How is everyone feeling right now.
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