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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
Matched and congrats to all who matched.

Thanks Buddy.

I hope you matched too, IA
congrats to all !
i matched too Smile
Congrtas to all who matched
and our friends who did not make this yr, please dont leave the battel, fight back with all your energy and you will be there by sure, Insha-Allah.

I did not match last yr, but from March 2010 till March 2011, I did every possible thing which I could do to make myself succesful this yr and ofcourse prayers.

If I can be of any help for any one, plz do let me know. I owe this forum alot. I made many good friends here who helped me and guide me tremendously.

you can put questions here or if you want to write me @ [email protected] com

Again GL to all.
Congratulations to my fellow Psychiatrists who matched.

Matched. I am waiting to see where and then I'll share my creds and interview experience. I thought that I have less than 10 percents chance to be matched, but the good thing about psych is if you have the talent and charisma of a psychiatrist, it would be noticed. Congratulation to all who matched and best of luck to those who will match next year.
Congratulation for your match. I have 7 interviews in psychiatry, but did not get matched. My credential is 92/94/Cs second attempt/78. Could you please give me some advice on interview? What is my weakness? What should I do next? Thank you very much.

Dont loose hope. Buddy you have awesome score. What you need is,

1 Step-3
2 USCE psychiatry (preferably in university, even though its volunteer)
3 Interview practice ( v imp for psych )

I am sure, next yr will be yours. GL
Hi everyone,

I have created a "Forum for Psychiatry Residents" and it would be great if you could come and join:

The main purpose of this forum is to offer a comprehensive source of information regarding the all aspects of psychiatry.
Browse this forum for:-
- Important psychiatry topics discussion and PRITE preparation (including Psycho-pharmacology and Neuroanatomy discussions).
- Psychotherapy discussion
- Psychiatry research discussion.
- Psychiatry fellowship discussion.
- And many more enjoyable stuff to follow.

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