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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
@ nono,

Where did you match ? If you don't mind?

The PC of my program sent me an email. I replied her beck but I don't know if I need to send the PD an email...
Congratulation everyone Smile)))))

@ Apple:
For Psychiatry interviews:
(a) Try to be yourself (Don't act like someone else, This way you have less stress and you are able to answer effectively, esp questions that we have not prepared)
(b) Know all details of your experience, esp psychiatry and hands on experience in US.
© Try to have Psychiatry oriented CV (This way you are able to explain them easily and more effectively)
(d) I don't think scores are important. Pass step 2 CS on first attempt.
(e) Do your best in interview with PD. Save some good questions for this part. and keep in touch with PD after the interview, to show your persistent interest.

But this residency stuff is so unpredictable.
If you are unmatched: this doesn't mean that you have bad interview skills. So don' loose hope. Try to work persistently in psychiatry and apply again. You will definitely match.

All my best wishes with you all.
Take care.

I started my USMLE journey in 2008, and now finally I can say good bye to this forum. All mixed feelings right now.

I made this forum for all psychiatry residents. We all can keep in touch and continue our learning process during our residency.
Please join:

Well said harry.

Me too having a mixed feeling...Smile
How is everyone doing.

@target99: buddy where did you matched.

ENjoy !!
Just curious Smile
Programs where we did not match. Can they know,

* In what programs, we did match?
* At what number, we ranked their program?
Answer is in your name:,


Thanks Buddy Smile
Can anyone advise regarding J1 from canada for psych. action plan requirement. Thanks..
Hi all,
I am an IMG..I have completed my psychiatry residency in my home country.I graduated in 2007 and completed my psychiatry residency in 2010.I am yet to give my step 1..probably i will in the next month or so..I dont have any clinical /research experience in US as of now..But i do have 1 publication and 2 which are in the process of the research i did in my home country...

I am in a confusion whether i should rush to finish all my steps by september 2011, i mean step1 and 2 CK ans CS so as to be eligible for 2012 match..In which there is a possiblity that i may not be able to prepare well and get low marks.


should i space it out and try to fit in some USCE in between so that i can apply for 2013 match...

Will my chances be reduced if i apply for 2013 match taking into consideration that i graduated in 2007?

Please someone advice....

my reply is 'yesno'
I know this fact for sure --
if any program ranked you and you didn't match their program --
that program will see where did you match, but they will not know where did you rank them.
I know it from nrmp reading and also, it helps that program that how can they improve themself or if there is something wrong with them.

Enjoy your this time.

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