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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
good luck to u too, Harry. If u r interested to practice interview, Pls email me succinateny.
@nono.. are doing good job for all the applicants..
Can you please post the link for "psychiatry 2010" thread?

here we go buddy

zara see mahant tum bhi karo yar Smile
Guys and gals,

I'm graduate of 2001 and GC holder. I found only 63 programs for which I am eligible. Applied to only 40 programs. Hoping to get at least 4 IV's.

Psych Externship
Research for 2 yrs

3 from Psychiatrists
1 from Research

All US LOR's

hi all applied to total of 95 psy programs. applied only to psy programs.
received of application from metrohealth.

good luck to you all

GL to every one today Smile
For all pscyh applicants......when u go for the interview
1)be prepared for the will be given and discussion with the PD ny Buffalo NYupstate especially
2) Just check u applied to Creighton Nebraska, North Dakota, Arizona Tucson UPHK, UMDNJ
They have not written in there website re visas but do sponsor visa.....
3) Have to be presentable buy yourself a nice suite.
4) Be ready to discuss about any unusual case during ur rotation and don't say that change was drastic because in psych the change is never drastic.
5) Make them feel that you are EMPATHETIC LISTENER
6) Be well prepared for the any psych Beautiful Mind ....and that can be discussed during ur inv day.
7) If your nose is running donot extend ur hands to staf. Esp to desis
8) Read about there program and should have strong reasons ...why I want to join this program.
9)After interview write a thank you email/mind it, It should not be a note but an email discussing what u liked during the interview and while discussing and that what u r looking in the prog..
10) ALL THE BEST .....

Our Residency Committee would like to thank you for your interest in our Psychiatry Residency Program. After reviewing your application, they believe it is unlikely you would be competitive with our pool of applicants; therefore, we are unable to offer you an appointment in our interview schedule.
Please accept our best wishes in pursuing your career.
Dorothy Winkler
Program Administrator
General Psychiatry Residency Program
Texas A&M College of Medicine
Scott & White Memorial Hospital
254-724-1768 Office
254-724-2979 Fax
stupidity I guess Smile
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