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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
first rejection - Wayne State in Michigan

scores mid 80's including step 3, recent grad, need visa, 4 US LOR (3 psych).......

they don't offer prematch and maybe they lean more toward AMG's, or an extraordinary IMG who doesn't need visa!!?....waist of 25$.
another rejection:

univ of colorado, psych program

Rejection from Denver colorado
mlemom, colorado in general is not an IMG friendly state for all the's a link that will give you some ideas...

they might even offer you interview too (like a friend of mine in IM last year), but they won't rank's good u didn't get the interview, u won't waist so much money to travel there....G.L.
thanks marco20 for your explanation

@tmd; Can I ask you about your credentials?
Rejection: Univ of Colorado.

but I am happy after reading marco's explanation Smile

GL for tomorrow.
Hi harry
it seems we should not be sad about Colorado program, these jerks just filtered us without reviewing anything.
Hi rezrez,

According to the last year data, following programs gave quick rejections in first 2 weeks of Sep:
- Univ. of Colorado
- Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center
- Caritas St Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston

Let's keep our hopes high on other good programs.

Good Luck.
Good point harry206, Thanks for your encouragement. Do you have any idea when IMG friendly program start to send IVs?
peak psychiatry iv season : last week of Sep to first week of Nov.
Let's wait and pray Smile
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