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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
name the 10 states where IMG should never apply.
anyone with an interview yet!?...seems like people are getting the interviews in FM and IM...

more than 25% of programs had 75-99% of their interview slots filled before dean's letter come out in nov's another link to get an idea....u will see in the last graph for each specialty how it is... ...maybe they are sending iv to those w/ score >90 right now ... I hope I get at least a few interviews before then..

dream, I sent a link earlier... you will find the information that u are looking for..

of the 80 odd IMG friendly psych programs, NONE have send an interview as of now. Not even to there very first few preferred candidates.

and MSPE for an IMG (Indian) is just a piece of paper, a required document necessary to complete the application. It has no role to get you more IV.
MSPE may be useful for AMG but not for IMG

again as we have discussed before marco20, I am just talking about Indians Wink

*************** UPdates 09/09/10 ****************


Texas A&M College of Medicine
Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center Psychiatry program.
univ of colorado, psych program



target, well you can't say "NONE have sent interviews as of now" do u know? you work for ERAS and make an statement like that?

"I am just talking about Indians?"....when did I talk to you about Indians?...Last time I told you the same thing, Please when u say something don't say it based on your illusions, and say it based on a fact.

but Nov, 1st is a set date and programs care about it....If anything if are an IMG and THINK that your dean's letter is just a piece of paper, u would rather have some interviews sooner, before nov 1st when AMG have their Dean's letter out and get the interview slots that are saved for them....
the program where i m doing my observership started reviwing the application n i still havent applied ..silly me
@ prp
which program are you talking about?

Please tell
Relax guys....IV will flow end of the Septemeber...
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