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Psychiatry 2011 - nono
Sorry nono
Hi Sadhubaba,

yes Psychiatry is a hot cake now.
I think you accepted prematch in Psych this year.
Keep in touch.
LOL @ sadhubaba

Buddy 0ne day more to go Smile

BTW what time, we will know program name?

noon tomorrow????
March 17, 2011: Match Day!
Match results for applicants are posted to Web site at 1:00 p.m. eastern time
Thanks harry.

Only 6 seats were unfilled. Thats really amazaing. Last year there were 11.
Psych is going good buddy Smile
One PC emailed me yesterday to ask me if I matched or not and then she congrats me Smile
Good news nono Smile
nono and harry and others please tell where you interviewed the programs?

What kind of clinical experience you had?

What questions the faculty and pd asked you and how you replied? I am applying for next year and very scared. My cred are 87/80/78(2nd), CS(2nd). 2000 graduate, MPH. If I couldn't get residency then apply for PhD. Have previous residency experience in FM, but the residency ended due to weak ob/gyn performance. I was flagged by NRMP. Residency Experience in home country in psych. Now working off and on with 2 psychiatrist for almost a year. A Professor wants me to do a research study in schizophrenia. I have a genuine interest only in Psych. I know I am too old graduate. You think I have a chance? If I want to do PhD what it could be in?

I matched 3 times. One time visa not came on time. 2nd time residency ended. 3rd time NRMP flagged me. email me if you like kaseh27


I have had 7 interviews in psychiatry, but did not get matched. Do you have some IV skill that you can share? What helped you most for your IV? Thanks.
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