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Psychiatry 2011 - nono

Most of the psych programs don't ask any academic questions. So, when you are being asked non academic questions , you have to be very careful answering them. Try to be yourself. Keep the conversion interesting. No one like boring personality . During my interview I was asked questions about what recent movie I watched ?what books I read. And discussion on those issues .

You need to do practice at least mentally. GL
You know I have been a silent observer of this forum, and I can tell a lot of people here are going to be great doctors, but I just wanted to let people know you don't have to do everything perfect to match, Grades will only get you so far, but your interview is the most important thing, and you can practice all you want but it won't change who you are, remember PD's and Assistants do this every single year, they know the tricks a whole lot better than we do. Just be yourselves and hope for the best. Good Luck To Everyone!
Step 1 75 1st attempt
Step 2 80 1st attempt
Cs Pass 1st attempt
USCE 5 months
2009 Grad
B1 Visa
Applied 64 programs
2 interviews
Matched Psych
Did Step 3 after 2 interviews passed 82 1st attempt
Well done my fellow Psychiatrists who got matched and prematched. Wish you all a very successful and happy PGY-1. Hoping for prosperity in future .
Dudes..please post where you match evetually. I am having a mixed feeling;dont know where I would eventually land up. But very happy that I matched. Good luck all of us .
good luck for today everyone....hope you all match into your fav programs!
bike :

since the interviews are fresh in your mind - I would recap each one of those interviews and write down every single question from every single interviewer as well as your responses. (That will give you a good question bank for next yr). In retrospect, you will realize that some of your answers were not up to the mark.
I did that with my interviews. After every interview, i would realize i had one or two difficult questions and i would really work on those before my next one- if you find a few questions which you felt were difficult to answer then take those to your mentor (ideally some one in a faculty position or even a practicing psychiatrist - they can definitely guide you)

for example : questions like are you interested in research ? tell me a weakness that would make it hard for you to be a psychiatrist etc etc although simple may be tricky.

ask your mentors to give you random mock interviews- so that way you are able to handle even the unexpected questions and not just the standard expected q's.

hope that helps!
I matched at UND..anyone else?
Matched: Temple Univ, PA

Please guys post where you all matched...

lovingpsych, illusion, nono, hilhilo, hamzakhan and others, nadimimg. I did not apply this yr. Congrats harry

UIC Chicago program
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