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Internal Medicine 2011 - shomolangma
janhavi I also got same reply.. if you wont mind can you share ur credentials
mine are s1-99, s2-90, cs passed. 2 publication, 5 months of usce, 3 us lor. and my skype id is drsjusa
I got this e-mail
Dear Residency Candidate,
Thank you for submitting your ERAS application to Huron Hospital. This Email is being sent to acknowledge receipt of your application.
We begin reviewing the applications in the next few weeks. Our final deadline for receiving all of the required documents is September 30. All application documents must be submitted online through ERAS. We do not accept documents sent by Email, mail, or fax. We download documents from ERAS every day, often several times a day, so we will get everything that is submitted on time.
All of our correspondence with candidates is sent directly through ERAS Email. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PROGRAM OFFICE to inquire about the status of your application. After reviewing applications, we will contact all candidates regarding interviews, missing documents, and/or regrets.
ALL of the following documents must be available to us through ERAS by September 30 for an application to be considered eligible for review:
o Common Application Form
o Personal Statement
o Photograph
o Medical school transcripts
o Three letters of recommendation
o USMLE transcripts
o ECFMG status report, if applicable
(a Dean's letter is required after November 1)
Last year we received over 2500 applications for 18 positions and we anticipate the same again this year. Our faculty takes the time to review every single application, so please be patient. We WILL contact you regardless of whether or not you are invited to interview. However, we only schedule 200 interviews so not every qualified candidate can be invited. Candidates who meet all of our application required are considered before those who do not. If you have not heard from us by November 1 then you will not be invited to interview.
I hope this addresses your initial concerns. For more information, please call our information line at 216.761.7089 or visit the Residency Programs page under Specialties & Services at
Laura Adams
Administrator, Internal Medicine Program
Huron Hospital
I think they want step 3 too.. i have step 3 so i didnt get rejection yet..
hii drsjusa/neversaydie4/borntomatch

grad 2004
85,85,pass,77...all 1st attempt.
rejection from gutherie robert ,pa
because of high vol..
wht is ur grad year
Hi janhavi, i think its due to grad yr, i am also 2004 grad, they need less than 5. GL.
My credentials are s1-99, s2-99, cs passed, 2 months of usce, 3 us lor, 2007 graduate, US citizen . I think that they are giving priority to those who have already passed step 3 as they have mentioned in their website
rejection from guthrie robert
step 1 97
step2 95
csa 1st attemp
failed step 3
aleedin,there must be another reason for the have very good scores.I applied there but did not get an msg.All the best!!
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