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Internal Medicine 2011 - shomolangma
rej - hopkins osler IM
@harish..congrats..can you pls post ur credentials..When did you receive iv from St.Mary MO??Thanks
REJ: Jersey Shore - IM

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for your interest in our program. I am sorry your application was not selected for interview. As I am sure you realize, the job of selecting applicants is a daunting one and while each applicant may bring something unique to the program we cannot interview everyone. I wish you all much success in all that you do.
Danette C. Meyer
Residency Program Coordinator
Jersey Shore University Medical Center
Department of Internal Medicine
Rej Jersey Shore, NJ
Dear friends,
I have not gotten any e-mail from 100 programs that I have applied for. Could you guys please tell me what I should do? Should I wait more or I should call them or I should e-mail them? I am loosing my hope...... Do they at least send us an informing e-mail?
Anybody revives this dead topic ?
You are very useful for us who seek the following matches.
Good Luck
hi frens .. i just wanted to dig the history and found interesting thread which shows the facts about the last year .. LETS DIG MORE AND LEARN ABOUT THE CHANGED SITUATIONS !!
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