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Different inbox times for myeras messages & email - durable
I've gotten email messages from programs and my inbox time stamp for my personal email and the mail received through MyEras message centers are totally off by like 24hrs.

This is normal right?
Anyone? The message center from MyEras says this...

***The Message Center displays copies of e-mails sent by programs from their ERAS software. Because those e-mails go through the ERAS system, we are able to provide you with a copy, as a confirmation of delivery. However, the original message was sent to the e-mail account provided in your Profile.

PLEASE NOTE: The Message Center can only show you e-mails sent through the ERAS PostOffice. Messages sent outside of the ERAS system, such as direct e-mails from the program's own e-mail account, will not be captured in the Message Center.

You should check your e-mail account regularly for all e-mails. You should also check your Junk Mail Settings to ensure messages from programs were not sent there in error.***
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