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@ samomcos - person
Are u studying for step 3? If yes, I am confused about how many materials for step3? what materials do u recommend?
what do u recommend for the CSS? Is USMLEWORLD CSS enough? or we have to do archer also?

Thanks in advance
hi person,i am also want to start studying step3.i just give my exam in july 2010,and i used mtb for step3 (i readed about 3 times).i need to read another book (to increase my informations)but idont know which book should i use?i heared FA for family medicine is good ,but i dont know if any use it?i will also use uw q bank and css.
Hi person, am sorry, not studying for step3 yet. I know most of my friends are sticking to the CK Kaplan books abd using the Archer notes/Videos and MTB. All the best to you.
What were those two dots for at the first post? Represent 271 or what? Or you were just checking if you logged in with the right ID? I told you it can be confusing to have so many IDs!! Sooner or later you will post something with the wrong ID!! Stick to 'hindufaggot'!
Thanks and all the best to you.
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