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Medical school Transcript - tnraps
Medical school Transcript

EcFMG received my medical School transcript on Aug. 13. Do they scan it and if so, does it show on ERAS?

yes, go to track application in myeras, it should be there in my documents after 2-3 weeks from 13th.
yeah, they did scan it if it is received on 8/13... so go to ADTS or track application on MyERAS and see if it's uploaded to postoffice.
You guys are awesome. It is there.
One more question... what is "ECFMG Status Report "? I did Step 2 CS Aug 23 and CT Aug 26. When should I expect the results for both?
1. ECFMG status report is something showing all ur exam scores attempts dates etc , goes directly from ECFMG to ERAS, we need not to do anything. It will be reported to ERAS automatically .

2. For CS result , go to they have specific time slab for score reoprting date.
3. CK result should be there on 3rd(or max 4th) week Wednesday from your CK exam date.

Hope it helps.
Thanks neversaydie and international. Email me pls tnraps. I got more questions to ask.
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