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can you retake already passed steps after 7 years? - star121
step 1 Nov 2003
step 2 Dec 2000
ECFMG certificate Dec 2004
No step 3, not in the residency
My Q is can I retake my steps to improve scores?
Does anyone has the same problem or know someone who retook steps
please reply
Yes after 7 years your record is cleared
I tried to apply via oasis but it gives me the message I have already passed this step, can anyone give me an advice how to apply, or what to do...
Call Ecfmg, they can guide you well, GL
I did call ecfmg they told me only case you can retake it if state license requires so, person was not sure how it works, gave me couple of other numbers to call, could not get a clear unswer from them either
Does anybody know what is the procedure, Do you guys know anybody who retook them, pleaseeeeeeeeee reply
i now that you have 7 years to take all steps to get the certification otherwise the record is cleared but i guess that if you already are certified you cant take the steps again
and that is forever latinmed i think, despite how you want to get a double 99
Its not 7 yrs since your certified...bse if you have certified in 2004, your 7 yrs jail would be completed in 2011....I know this is really painful
what's bse?
GOT it from another post;

See this website for : the ‘real story’ behind IMGs' unique difficulties: a. Best USMLE preparation courses in terms of value and guaranteed outcomes b. Best type of non-commercial (FREE) university-based externships, their availabilities and locations c. Special discussions for "old grad-" IMGs, and those with multiple failures (i.e., LISTINGS OF THOSE FM, PSYCH, PRELIM SURG PROGRAMS that have NO GRAD DATE or USMLE Score /Attempts REQUIREMENTS) , and those that have taken more than 7 years in their steps d. How the latter may upgrade their applications through externships, good USMLE scores, etc e. The real meaning in (terms of residency application strength) of a USMLE applicant who scores 99 vs an 85 vs a 78; how many interviews does each of these categories truly receive? f. Which is the best back-up degree for someone who may not get a residency in the US (i.e., NOT MPH or nursing! instead- MBA or JD if good English skills).
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