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can you retake already passed steps after 7 years? - star121
someone correct me if i am wrong:

one has to take usmle step 1, usmle step 2cs and usmle step 2 ck to be ecfmg certified. it can be done in any order. once one completes all three, then it is automatic ecfmg certification, which i think last forever. there is no need for one who has been ecfmg certified to retake any of step 1, 2cs and 2ck. in fact none can retake it just for the purpose of improving score, once certification, those steps cannot be retaken.
if one has not completed all three usmle step 1, step 2ck and step 2 cs within a 7 year period, the usmle step that has reached a 7 year period has to be retaken, and this goes for any of these three steps unless one gets to be ecfmg certified.

step 3 expiration varies per state medical boards and is not included in the ecfmg certification, it's for visa purposes and has to be taken also (plus residency training in the united states) to be eligible for the boards exam
As far as I know, your previous record is NOT 'cleared'. You might be able to retake steps but programs will always know that you took them again after 7 years.

By the way if you have been out of med school for 7 years and then take another year for retaking, etc you will be an old grad by that you will be out of consideration by most programs anyway!
i agree with qwery
that's the downside of it, though you be certified forever, the more recent graduates and recent certified will be much more of a choice for pd's to pick on then older graduates

latinmed you have to agree with me, coz i cannot afford any steps to be retaken
Thank you for your help
is anybody sure that 7 year period start after taking first step or after ECFMG certification. guys plz help.
the 7 year period is for individual usmle steps not certification and thats for sure. having certification hails that the 7 year period no longer applies
i have been through this so let me explain. 7 year rule is for step3 only, i.e. your old score and attempts always stay on usmle transcript regardless of time-frame, e.g. your took step1 in 1991, then it is still on your transcript.

Now some states let you take step3 with no limits on attempts and time-frame. but others states say that you must pass it within 7 years of passing either step1 or step2. So for those states if you took step1 in 1991 and step2 in 2005, then you are still within the range, i.e. your step1 and step2 are valid for taking step3. But if you took step1 in 1991 and step2 in 1992 then you can't appear in step3 for that state.

Now if you call that state's medical board they will give you letter stating this requirement. You present this letter to ECFMG and they will let you register for either step1 or step2 again. You can't register simply by going to OASIS.

The problem is that once you take that one step, 1 or 2, again and pass it then you are now within the range of state requirements, i.e. you have now passed "step1 or step2" in last 7 years. Now you can't repeat the other remaining Step, 1 or 2.

So in reality you can never repeat both steps ever again.

BTW, the 7 year rule has nothing to do with ECFMG certification, and once you take step-3 then 7 year rule does not apply to you, i.e. you are done with steps for life!!!

so star121 for your case:
- you cannot retake step 1, step 2ck or step 2cs, you already certified
- you can take step 3 provided
- you apply for step 3 in a state that doesn't require a year or so in residency
qwery, 7 year rule has nothing to do with ECFMG certification.
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