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can you retake already passed steps after 7 years? - star121
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test centers for step 3 are provided by thompson's prometric centers or whatever the center is called, they are a different body from fsmb and they have various testing places throughout the state. hence you can apply at one state and get your permit and take the exam at another state with that permit since the prometric centers cater for the computerized test at any place.
the fee for the exam goes to the fsmb hence when one pay for the step 3 exam, the fee goes to the fsmb. fsmb pays the prometric center for their services in being a provider of their exams hence when one attends the exam, theres no fee to pay. as you book for your exam date on the net theres no fee involved since the prometric centers are just a place for taking exams. they are not exam writers themselves
note that these promteric centers do not only provide examinations for usmle, they also provide examination for many other exams. they are just centers that provides computerized exam and fsmb and usmle tends to use their services to deliver the exams at various places. the exam is delivered as a package that once opened has to be completed. it can only be opened with id numbers provided by the exam writer such as usmle for the usmle exams. hence it can only be opened once and that is during the exam day
yes oldsipdoc you right, i am just saying that having certification sort of signifies that one has completed the necessary steps and cannot retake usmle steps for life
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other exams that are provided at these prometric centers are nclex for nursing licensing, the english proficiency exams and many others. to sit these exams one has to contact the different providers of the exams then with their permit book through these centers. hence one can sit for usmle in one computer while the next person is sitting for ietls exam.

usmle has made restriction though for the exams in that step 1 and step 2ck can be taken in various centers outside of the states. step 2cs only has to be done in the states and they have made 5 centers just for this purpose, hence the time constraint, every doctor or student both within states and outside states has to find an available slot within these 5 places. step 3 is mandatory too to be done in the states, but at any prometeric centers
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i tried to take a sneak peak at my sets of questions a day earlier coz i bribed the it personnel looking after the test centers. he llowed me to open my sets of questiona, i opened it and the software went non-stop for the whole 8 hours so i ended up taking the exam
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so for the next step i bribed the it personnel again to copy it this time and give me the copy. i didn't want to get 100% right otherwise i be suspected and the it personnel be fired so i just got me 85
so star121 for now the only other thing within your grasp would be step 3, the residency is decision based not up to us, unless you already have iv which of which you should be happy and rejoice if you get prematch, match or postmatch
i think i have written enough for the day plus my hand is getting osteoarthritis, apologies star121 for non-stop blabbering in your thread
yes you can very well them step 1 and 2 and if more than 7 years passed since u took them and if you apply for step 3 in a state that requires that all 3 steps be taken within 7 years. but you have to be eligible for step 3 meaning ALL step 1 2 and ck have to be passed, u have to be ecfmg certified and any of ste steps taken more than 7 years ago can be retaken. the state where u apply for step 3( not all of them require ALL steps to be taken within 7 years) will give u an official letter saying you want to apply for step 3 in their state and with that letter you can retake any of the steps IF more than 7 years passed. I hope it's clear now, others wrote all sorts of nonsense
once you are ecfmg certified you cant retake step anymore. sorry to say.
yes you can. call ecfmg and read the booklet, my post is very accurate. I passed the steps again I know very well how this process works
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