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can you retake already passed steps after 7 years? - star121
also the programs see all your USMLE steps, the first scores and retakes, I was asked about the first scores at the interviews
you HAVE to be certified to be able to retake any step because you can only apply for step 3 IF you are certified. people post on these forums so many stupidities. I wonder if it's on purpose
for what I know from a reliable source:

You have to pass the USMLEs in a 7 year time frame in order to be LICENSED in most states.
(independently from the ECFMG requirements for certification).

So if you took step one in 2001, step 2 (CK & CS) in 2006 and step 3 in 2010, you will need to retake step 1 before 2014 in order to be elegible for licensure, however you will hold a valid ECFMG certificate (since 2006).

If this counts as an attempt towards state licesing bodies, I dk.
I had to retake step 1 and 2 because when I applied for step 3 more than 7 years passed between any of the 1 and 2 and step 3. more than that I had not passed cs so I had to take cs first, be certified and then I was able to retake step 1 and 2 in order to be certified and apply for step 3.
check right here

the requirements are for STEP 3 application as it is OBVIOUS from the website

ex arizona"Must complete USMLE Steps 1, 2 and 3 within seven years of passing first exam"
there is NO "reliable" source. the ONLY sources are ECFMG and FSMB.
licensure only comes via residency programs. there would be temporary licensing and the prequisite for it would be ecfmg certification and getting into a residency program.

state licensure would be after training and after being board certified. no need for retaking of any steps
I agree qwery, licensure has nothing to do with retaking the steps. the 7 year rules concerns eligibility for step 3 application. ALL the steps must be taken within 3 years. in only some states, not all. that's all
oh so mdnyc - being certified doesn't necessarily mean that those steps cannot be repeated. it can be repeated if one apply for step 3 at a date that is outside the 7 year period (or 10 years as per state requirement). so in that case were you issued another ecfmg certification?

also mdnyc would it be right to say that as long as you completed step 1,2,3 within time period of 7 years (or 10 as per state) then its fine?
I was not certified in the first place because I had not taken CS, so I was certified after I took CS, with my old scores and then I applied for step 3, in a state that has the 7 years rule, passed step 1 and 2 again and then I could apply for step 3. I had to be certified to be able to apply for step 3 to be able to retake the steps 1 and 2 that I wanted to retake
don't understand the 2nd question. it's fine for what purpose?
its still confusing,if somebody has passed all the steps witin 7 yr period including step 3 and certification can they still repeat the exams when 7 yrs have passed after step 3.
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