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anyone got residency with multiple attemps in TX - mletomd
Do you know anyone got residency in any field after having multiple attemps in TX?
attempts is nt a big deal, u got to improve ur cv TX? yes, ppl with scores of 70 and attempts ,had linka nd contact!! tx nowadays is rocking in terms of link and contact! u can get in the most comptitive programs there with not much credit!,,,for both fmgs and also amgs! in fact, those amgs with low credt choose those places where they are sure that they can get in opht,derm, rad easily thru contact!
Step 1 4th Attempt
Step 2 (CK) 3rd attempt.
Step 2 (CS) 1st attempt
Step 3 1st attempt.

Graduation Year is 1997.
US Citizen.

All USMLE Scores are 80. (I, II, III)

3 years US Clinical hands on experience with excellent US LOR's.

what are my chances? and where?
calm down plz!! no one can answer such q u r ur best.....and wait. ppl say ny take imgs more than the rest of the country,,the same in ct...apply in all programs u can or even u cant. try to have personal statement and lor specificly fr lor from im and rotation in im and personal statement in im..the same in psych...dont limit ur chance and keep going. u got to apply anywhere and in any program to get in some....if god forbid not this yr, try to wrk in a small community hospital and do ur best, someone inside the hospital may take u finally. gl
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