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step 3 or research?? - iserson
I have step1 and step 2 scores in low 80's. i did observership for a month in a private hospital. I donot need a visa, applied FM and interviewed at few places. But not really sure what to do next if i don't match this year. Is it better to give step 3 or join some research? some say that that because i dont need a visa it is better to join research and some say that not many programs care about research and they see how you have done in your usmle exams. so am really confused what to do next. please guide me.
thanks a lot.
please guys.. am waiting for a reply..
since you have low score you should take step 3. if you can get a high score then it can be an excuse for your previous steps and even though you get low score still you will be cleared from that exam, which is important for the PD who might have doubt about the passing step 3 from an applicant with low scores...
If you do not match, then:

First, Step3;
Second, more observership;
Third, relax;
Last, research.

( I am now a 2nd yr resident. )
i think the third point is the hardest
who can relax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
best thing do both ,,

either step 3 and Observerships OR step 3 & Research,,,,

best way to improve your resume,,,,,,,,,,,,,

thank you
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