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Observership/ Externship opportunity - 5star
Hi! mandiraraj is my email. could u pls send the details....
hello there i am very intersted in this position pls mail me further details at [email protected] thank you very much !
Hi 5star,
I am interested, please send me the details. My email goforward_10
Thank you
Ya I am intrested. Please email at StrawberryCream24.
I will be interested in the opportunity. Please send application to me and my wife.


Thanks. This here lists 25 free university-hospital externships (I did four myself) and information on physician/surgical assistantships (I worked for 2 years as a surgical assistant before getting matched this year).
Enter GOOGLE search: 'USMLE Forum' (You Will Get the Correct Site as the 'April 16, 2009' # 2 or #1)

Good luck.
HELLO 5star. I am interested in doing externship program in cardiothoracic surgery. can you please let me know the details at drprathimakumari. please please ... dont ignore this.. im in need of 1 program badly. your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you soooo much in advance. please do reply me. Bye. Have a nice day.
Enter GOOGLE search: 'USMLE Forum' (You Will Get the Correct Site as the 'April 16, 2009' # 2 or #1)
The administrative contact for the program is Judy Gavin and she can be reached at [email protected] I forwarded all the requests above to her a while ago, but in case any of you have not received the program description- I would encourage you to contact Judy by email. Thanks.
i am intrested please send me the mail id sripatchala
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