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Observership/ Externship opportunity - 5star
Hi , my mail is bakrikulla77
does anyone has an idea about doing an externship from
To gvdynamic and bakrikulla:
I've forwarded your requests and you should be receiving an email soon from Judy re: application process. I would again stress all interested to contact Judy at [email protected] directly if you are interested in applying because this is now an old post and I donot check in often.

Some more pointers for all who are sending applications:
> The timeline you receive from Judy is not very rigid and you are welcome to apply for your preffered dates even after deadline to apply for that slot is over. This way we know that you wish to start as soon as possible. start dates are flexible too. but for the purpose of applying- you must choose preffered slots 1st and 2nd choice.

> All applicants who send in completed applications with application fee will be interviewed.

> The experience is highly useful for those who wish to take surgical career - gen surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, Obs & gynae, anesthesiology etc but also prefferable for those who wish to do other specialties for 3 reasons:
1. Close interaction w/ cardiologists and chance to see the whole picture of cardiac care. Cardiologists are involved throughout in the care of these patients starting from refferal to long-term care after surgery.
2. CT surgery has a lot of "Medicine" involved in post-operative care of these patients.. you get very good ICU experience.
3. Due to close interaction with faculty and extended care providers (Intensivists, NPs, PAs), you get a very good insight into how healthcare is practiced in US

Hope this helps,
Good luck to everybody!

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