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first preference to citizen and gc holder - sangkara
no more imgs
Since GC holders are not US citizens and cannot vote, they should be be accorded the same status as IMGs! IMGs who r highly qualified will eventually become green card holders anyway. GC holders have their home country to return to if they are not able to survive in America!

Let's petition for NO to green card holders. Only AMG!


I am trying to make a point that the argument can go on and on. Who are the ones making the most noise?

It's not the AMGs or US citizens cos they usu have no problems matching. The ones making the most noise are the GC holders who think that possessing a GC is all that matters.

Come on! It's ur credentials that matter to PDs and not whether if u r a GC holder or not.

Instead of wasting time, one should think of way to boost one's resume!

Good Luck!
That's not the case, I'm a citizen who did not match.
could you please let us know ur scores and where did you match so we could learn from what u've been throgh.

You did not match because you are an idiot.

really do you think so,
what if I told you that I didn't get IVs.. Not even one, now what do you think??
secondly I'm doing this for all of us not just me

uh by the way thanks for the kind words.. If you have an advice please feel free post it.
rak_qk. you are right ..he/she is really an idiot. thats y not get a position.
@ medicine_king,
could you please tell me how did you pass the USMLE exams with this kind of English
"thats y not get a position" NO COMMENT

Is that how you guys have a professional conversation, calling him an idiot ?. Allah is watching and the most mercful. He is got the right to fight for his rights. You can always use your professional attitude if you have any to held a conversation.
For all unmatched USA citizens/legal permanent residents you are highly encouraged to visit these two web pages:
1- (Please sign the petition)
2- Search the name of the group on the faceboock: What about me??? I am a doctor too!! (and please join it)
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