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Need Help calculating my step 2 ck Percentile !!!! - hish22
i got ..... 212/90 in step 2 ck

i have read many threads about calculating your percentile using your score and standard of

deviation ,, so if anybody can calculate it for me i would be very grateful cuz i really suck

with biostatistics ,,,
my 3 digit score is ( 212 )
the mean in my report was ( 230 )
the standard of deviation is ( 23 )

and if u plz would tell me weather is that percentile good or bad ???
and thx
Hmmm interesting question so if the mean is 230 then that is 50th percentile
so 1 sd below the mean is 230-23=207 so thats 16th percentile
so your score lies between 16th and 50th percentile, my guess would be around say 23-25th percentile may be
thx , so 23 - 25 percentile means that im better only than 22 % of exam takers including the

failed guys which lets say ( about 5 % )

so that mean only 17 % below me

Is 17% of American graduates good or its bad ?

knowing that other IMGs may be have scored better that those ( AMGs ) .

really confusing !!!!!!!!
Ya so as you say its not that great, obviously when the mean is 230 most of the american graduates fall into that category or may be just below that, so the point is the score is not that greatt, but still not that bad , you can still have good chances.

The thing about mean is it keeps changing every now and then , for you it may be 230 for some others it may be 220, so it really dosent matter what your percentile score is, the point is if you score 212 when the mean is 220 then your chances of getting residency that year or a year after that is good because they are not so many candidates with scores much higher than you, but if you get 212 when the mean is 230 obviously the competetion you are gonna get is high right!!!!
ya u r absolutely right ,, i guess i need to hit a high step 1 score to overcome that difference

before i apply for the match ,, thank god it was not step 1 with that score ,,

anywho , thanks man for the help really appreciated Smile
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