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staying in new york area - caudate
i need to stay in new york for 15 days ..end of nov to early dec.I need advise about where to stay..dont have friends or relatives and am on a tight budget

would be happy to share acomodation

help urgently needed
try red roof inn..Its in mid-town 36th Street(gets easy access to anywhere in the five boroughs.. pretty cheap and can share with a few others who are also interviewing in NY if you want... Did that with my friends a few years ago.
thanks ron

i checked it on net ..if i checked right it was 240$ plus tax daily!!

may be i got wrong hotel
try YMCA in flushing,NY......its about $50 per night.
west end studios and hostel is $78/night
try YMCA in greenpoint. they have guest rooms available to non-ymca members. you can get all information, price information and also address from . I stayed there for one night last wk. they charge $ 40/- per night. located in very safe area, just in front of NYPD office. it is at walking distance to subway stations and bus stops. also checkout for your questions about subways and bus routes to any of the locations in NY.

I hope you will find this information helpful.

good luck
Things have changed a lot in past 3 years. I rented the room for $90/day at red roof inn
i am oblized for the help..but 50$ per day for 20 days will be too much

i am looking fr cheaper a one room apartment for one month ...sharing with someone
i believe that may be cheaper
Nothing in NY is cheap. If you want/need to stay in the area for a month, you should be aware that you will need more money that anywhere else. You can try to stay closer to NJ and get to NY only when necessary.
If anyone is still looking I second this. Stayed at the Q4 in L.I.C. and it was pretty nice. It averaged out to about $45 a night for me. It is a hostel but the hotels near me were pretty cheap going for under $200 a night most of the time.

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