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Transferring into a different medical school? Help - doctor150
I would appreciate it if anyone could help me or give their input about what I should do?
I am in the final year of medical school and I am unable to pass my Step 2 boards after 3 attempts and my existing medical school won't graduate me until I've passed Step 2 boards.

My goal is to transfer into a Foreign Medical School and graduate without having a requirement to pass any boards. My grades are great and I've completed Step 1 boards.

I have no intentions to practice medicine or do a residency. I want to pursue an MBA and go into a non-clinical career. I would like to get the MD Degree, since I've spent so many years working towards my degree. I would hate to see all those years go to waste.

I just want the piece of paper granting me a degree and I am willing to pay any fees or do any extra course work required.
how many more clinical rotations do you have left to do?
if there's a lot left then there's financial motive for another school to accept you.
Dear Thuc,
Do you know of any Foreign Medical Schools in any country in the world that would accept me as a transfer student. Could you give me some name of foreign medical schools to try???
again, if you have any clinical rotations left to do then i think a foreign medical school would accept you because you will be giving them money for an education. if you do not have any education left to do then there is no reason for them to accept you.

for a list of foreign medical schools you could go to ValueMD
thanks, it helps, but I have problems preparing papers for admission, what should I do ??
Hi geraldine, I also had some problems with paperwork upon admission, if you mean like an autobiographical essay, then I strongly advise you to contact there they can help you with writing an autobiography if you go to the nurse. I myself was very burned on this topic! Since everything was in order with my grades and the rest of the documents from the school. But my personal essay was poorly written, and it played a cruel joke on me.
Thank you for this information. I will also need this soon, because I am looking for a clinic with a focus on dermatology. Perhaps you have any advice?
Now education in Canada is gaining popularity, I want to send my son there. If he finishes school there, it will be much easier to enter an elite college or university. After several days of searching for information, it became clear that it was difficult to organize everything on our own. What's the best way to do it?
Carefully research the medical school you want to transfer to. Understand their admission policies, transfer requirements, and available spots for transfer students. Contact the admissions office for specific information.
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