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guaranteed pass usmle course for 10.5 k - stepsusmleforum
ten thousand five hundred dollars per step guaranteed pass usmle course

ninety days in duration with no more than four hours per day in your study schedule

fully available online with additional high quality multimedia applications daily

very easy to understand notes with unique active participant learning techniques and test strategy applications conducted by you

comprehensive lecture tapes notes itunes based podcasts provided by us with no need for you to use any of your own study materials question banks study guides or any other type of material. this is because we provide it all for you

fully personalized instructions are employed by us with our understanding that just as is the case in medicine per se here each case is indeed different. thus we require a daily progress voice note submission by each student in the form of a high tech high quality podcast or youtube presentation.this multimedia update by the student receives back an immediate individualized podcast voice note management plan by your ivy league md genius professor.

we are the only service in the industry that provides you with one hundred percent ‘if you do not pass you do not pay ‘ guarantee with a no frills no nonsense legally created contingency fee contract.this provides you with a unique gold standard insurance policy thereby insuring your usmle success.

contact the big name usmle tutoring services companies with a request for a one hundred percent refund if you fail.* (see the other forum members experiences below) if they laugh at you and ask you if you are sane then proceed with the following step urgently with the idea of receiving such a guarantee.

in other words call us immediately with the idea that if you call by the end of the month you will additionally receive the ten thousand five hundred dollar rate that provides a two thousand five hundred dollar bonus discount over the standard rate of thirteen thousand dollars per step.note that we are now available to speak with you any time of the day or night with your phone call to us at
6 4 1 7 1 5 3 9 0 0 extension 8 3 3 7 6 8

*failed step 1, need advice
limitedaccess - 05/01/10 11:22

Dear forum members:

I studied for 8 months, , took the PASS program live lectrues, did kaplan q-bank, usmle world twice, and golian book plus golian high yield. I have not idea where I went wrong and since I feel like I put in the time…..My score on the exam was 150-FAIL

I really want to at least pass this exam on my second attempt so plz dear friends advice me, I have no idea where to began, how much time to spend and what to study. Please help.

Thank you

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No...Many took Kaplan Live Including me and failed .....but it helps a lot ....My advise give this exam enough time to study and practice and if you take a course spend enough time after fiinishing it t study before entering the exam.i.e., ....I studied only Kaplan live and FAILED
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