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Step-2 Dermatology? Any one help?? -


How will be dermatology Q's on the exam? Do they ask only diagnosis or do they ask 'what is the next step to do? Is first Aid enough for prep for dermatology? How about Ophtho & Radiology? Those who have taken the exam , please help!!!

I can remember that most of the questions from Dermatology are of diagnosis type. I read the Kaplan material!

Best of Luck,
shesh - seyshu

yes thye asked me almost 4 slides on dermat.mine were little tough considering i hadnt seen any slides at all for the preparation.sometimes they jus ask the diagnosis or treatment,they r pretty straight forward.but then i also had some lousy twisted q like relating to associated coditions of a dermatological condition.u d better read some bok with lotsa slides and easy reading.

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